Gerard T.

We were so fortunate to have Rene as our Realtor®, she helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. Rene had an in depth understanding of VA loans, and stayed organized while being our eyes on the ground via virtual viewings as we relocated to Florida from Washington State. When we had inquiries about properties, she did not hesitate to do her research and provide us with reports on the home of interest and surrounding properties. Rene knows the area well and is/was always willing to give us the knowledge and feedback that was needed to make things go in the right direction. In short, she was always on our side working to make our home purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Rene was that she was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than she was on closing a deal. We would recommend her to anyone. This is what we expected from a Realtor® and the service was excellent. This is the Realtor® you want working for you.

Deanna T.

They say buying your first home is a very stressful process. However, I can say that I had the most wonderful first time home buying experience due to Rene’s professionalism, personalized service, and overall knowledge of the market. Not only did Rene help me navigate buying a home during the pandemic, but she also was such a great advocate for me during the negotiation process and ultimately was able to negotiate more seller contributions than I could have ever anticipated. Additionally, throughout the build process Rene would take it upon herself to visit the site and share progress updates through pictures and videos with me which I really appreciated because there’s nothing like seeing your investment come to life. Lastly, I know she is a very busy Realtor® and has a lot of clients but I always felt prioritized and it’s amazing how she manages it all and makes it look so easy. With that being said I would highly recommend Rene for any of your future home-buying needs.


I sold my home in March of 2022, and Renee was an absolutely amazing Realtor®. I am not exaggerating a second when I say she went above and beyond for me. She made everything go smoothly with the sale. I think I had 42 showings the first 48 hours my home was listed. She worked through each and every issue with class and crazy ambition. I even left town for a couple of days, she texted me to ask if was okay that she go to my house and trim some trees that were over hanging on my roof. Like I said, she’s amazing. Hire her, you will not regret it.

Ebony B.

Rene Parra is the best. Got me in my home in less than a month. She listened to what I wanted, she took note of the circumstances and pulled out all stops to make it happen. Paired me with an awesome lender. As a first time homebuyer at 25 she was readily available via email, call, text, day, and night with answers and solutions. No funny business, no fast talking, just honest and great personality, and the list goes on. I can’t thank her enough. She was a blessing in Realtor® form.

Work With Rene

Rene prides herself on delivering exceptional customer service, educating her clients throughout the entire transaction process, handling every minute detail to ensure her clients can have peace of mind.

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